Sunday Preview – 5/5/24

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Monday – Murph Prep Mondays are going strong.  Coming up at the end of this month for Memorial Day we have a CrossFit Community event honoring Navy Seal Lt. Murphy, who was killed in action in 2005, with a grueling workout that he named “Body Armor” which we now call “Murph”. 

  • We’re building volume on running, pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats
  • Very Important: If you’re new to Murph, talk to your coach and use these Mondays to plan out the right scale for you!

Tuesday – Olympic Lifting Strength Cycle: 3 position Snatch; followed by Isabel

  • 3 position snatch is a great drill to reinforce snatch positions by starting from the top (high hang) then the middle (above the knee) and finally a full snatch from the ground
  • We’ll build to no more than 70% of our 1 rep max
  • Isabel is a benchmark girl wod of 30 power snatch at 135/95; choose a weight that feels light/moderate and shoot for the 5 minute range or under. Fast, furious lung burner.

Wednesday – Toes-to-bar skill & strength work; followed by characteristic CrossFit metcon with bike, weighted lunges, and broad jumps.

Thursday – Olympic Lifting strength cycle: Power Cleans; followed by Bad Annie

  • This week’s olympic lifting cycle focuses on technique for heavy 1-reps. Take your time and focus on perfect setup and technique on each rep. Start each rep from the ground (not touch and go)

Friday – Characteristic CrossFit metcon with row, bench, and box jump overs; followed by glute strength finisher

Saturday – Fun partner synchro wod with alternating DB snatch and toes-to-bar; followed by front squat strength work

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