Sunday Preview 4/21/24

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Sunday Preview 4/21/24

Monday – Murph Prep Mondays are back.  Coming up at the end of next month for Memorial Day we have a CrossFit Community event honoring Navy Seal Lt. Murphy, who was killed in action in 2005, with a grueling workout that he named “Body Armor” which we now call “Murph”. 

  • We’re building volume on running, pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats
  • Very Important: If you’re new to Murph, talk to your coach and use these Mondays to plan out the right scale for you!

Tuesday – Triplet with Air Bike, Russian Swings, and Wall Walks; followed by a back and hamstrings finisher!

Wednesday – Olympic Lifting Strength Cycle: Snatch work focusing on technique; followed by an 8m AMRAP leg burner

  • 6-8m sprint workouts are important because they hit a different energy system in your body.
  • Make sure to PUSH the pace from the start on the 8m AMRAP. Go out hot and stay hot!

Thursday – Deadlifts building to a 5-rep for the day; followed by a partner core and rowing metcon

  • “You-go, I-go” partner workouts mean you get roughly 1:1 rest, which means… SPRINT when you are working!
  • Teaming up with someone at a different level from you is great! Make sure to scale the weights/reps so you each spend roughly the same amount of TIME completing your required reps. 

Friday – Olympic Lifing Strength Cycle: Clean & Jerk positional work; followed by a challenging weightlifting focused chipper

Saturday – Long partner chipper with a little bit of everything! 

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