Spine Health Clinic

Have you ever had a sore, stiff, or painful back that kept you from an activity? Your spine might be lacking flexibility, stability or strength – making it a weak link!

In the course of training or everyday life, when joint injuries occur, the underlying cause is often a result of a lack of strength, stability, or flexibility in the affected or surrounding joints. 

Strength and flexibility are key to reducing joint injuries from training and everyday life, reducing the severity of injuries when they do happen, and reducing the recovery time after an injury. 

When an injury occurs, the best thing to do is continue your regular exercise routine with scaling and modifications to avoid further aggravating the injury. 

“Movement is medicine.” Exercise increases the rate of recovery and also helps maintain more muscle mass in the injured and inactive joints. At Reverb, our coaches can always provide scaling and movement modifications to continue training around any injury.

Even better than recovering quickly from an injury is preventing an injury in the first place!  Did you know that your spine has 24 vertebrae, 23 discs, and a total of 364 joints!?  That’s a lot of potential weak links!

On Saturday, May 4th at 9:45am, our very own member, Dr Kyle Murray D.C., will lead a Spine Health Clinic at Reverb!  You’ll learn how and why to take care of your spine with daily movements and stretches and Dr. Murray will lead you through a routine and assess your form. 

Sign up here: https://go.crossfitreverb.net/spine-health-clinic

Take control of your health by making strength and flexibility training a regular part of your life.  Reply and let us know how we can help you!



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