Movement Wednesday – Deadlift

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It’s Movement Wednesday where we talk about a movement we’re doing tomorrow, WHY we’re doing it, and other fun facts and tips about it!

Movement: Deadlift

Description: Grab the barbell resting on the ground with hands shoulder distance apart. Push feet into the ground and stand up tall, keeping arms straight, until head and shoulders are behind the bar when viewed from the side. 

Primary Movement Pattern: 

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Physical Skills Developed: 


Tips, Tricks, and Fun Facts: The deadlift is one of the most foundational functional movements with excellent health and fitness benefits when trained.  Outside the gym any time you pick something up off the ground, you’re deadlifting!


  • Feet hip width apart
  • Hands shoulder width apart, both palms facing the body
  • Bar in contact with shins and aligned directly above the knot in your shoelaces
  • Core engaged, back flat, lats engaged, shoulder blades pinned together


  • Squeeze your glutes and slowly press the ground away, keeping the bar close to your shins
  • Extend your knees until the bar rises past your kneecap, then hinge at the hips to stand all the way up, keeping the bar close to your body the whole time
  • Reverse the movement and set the bar back on the ground with control

Common faults:

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  • Rounded back: Rounding your back during the deadlift causes a high risk for lower back injury. Keep your shoulder blades pinned together and core engaged to avoid your back rounding during the movement. Reduce weight and practice proper technique.
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  • Knees too far forward: Starting with knees too far forward causes the bar path to go out away from the body to clear the knees instead of a straight vertical line close to the body. Straighten the legs a little more in your setup position until the bar is above the knot in your shoelaces and in contact with your shins.

Have one of our coaches check your technique tomorrow!


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