How Often Should I Do CrossFit?

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Are you new to CrossFit or curious about how many times per week you should be doing CrossFit?  

The answer is: start with at least 2-3 times per week, listen to your body and your coach, and focus on building intensity during each session as you gradually increase to a maximum (for most of us) of 5-6 times per week (depending on your goals!).

Start out with at least 2-3 times per week: 2-3 times per week for a new CrossFitter is enough to start seeing some results while learning proper technique, gaining confidence, and getting your body used to pushing to high intensity. 

Listen to your body: Being sore (especially if you’re new) is normal – but prolonged soreness that significantly impacts your activities or your next training session is a sign to dial it back.  Regularly feeling too fatigued or worn down to put in a strong performance relative to your abilities may be a sign that you need more recovery.

Listen to your coach: At Reverb, our athletes have quarterly goal review check-ins with a coach where we make sure your program is calibrated based on your current fitness level and the goals you want to achieve.  Not to mention the fact that our coaches are available every day to answer every one of your fitness or training questions!

Focus on intensity: It’s more important to attend 3 sessions and perform at the peak of your ability level at each session than to attend 5 sessions at a reduced performance level.  Following this process creates a virtuous cycle of high performance, proper recovery, better fitness results, and a happier athlete – not to mention it’s the most efficient way to spend your time. 

Depending on your current fitness level, you may be able to get consistent results for several years on 3 days/week (assuming you are also following a reasonable nutrition plan). If and when you want more results, increase your days per week while keeping an eye on whether you are able – and consistently pushing yourself – to perform at the peak of your ability level in each session.  

CrossFit is all about long term results – maximizing your fitness and health span over the rest of your life.  Follow the process consistently before ramping up too fast.  Have clear goals and make a plan with your coach to achieve them!


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