Sunday Preview 5/26/24


Memorial Day Murph Hero WOD, followed by a good mix of CrossFit! New strength cycle starting next week.

Monday – Murph! 

  • Today is about being together as a community, honoring our fallen service members, putting in a great effort, and supporting one another as a TEAM
  • Scale the workout to your ability level, share the pull-up rig, and cheer on your teammates when you finish and they’re still working!

Tuesday – Couplet of dumbbell deadlifts and box step ups; followed by building our split jerk for the day.

Wednesday – Sprint intervals of double unders and wall balls; followed by handstand progression skill/strength work.

Thursday – Building our squat snatch and hang muscle snatch; followed by a triplet with running, snatch, and bar-facing burpees.

Friday – Triplet with V-ups, KB swings, and machine calories; followed by building to a 2-rep thruster for the day.

Saturday – Mystery partner WOD!

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