Sunday Preview 5/19/24

Hooverball group 1

We finished up our Olympic lifting strength cycle last week.  The next two weeks are good old CrossFit – with Murph coming up in a week!

Monday – Last Murph Prep Monday! 

  • We’re building volume on running, pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats
  • By now we should be getting a good idea of how to scale Murph appropriately to target the 40-50 minute time frame!

Tuesday – Build to a 2-rep overhead squat for the day; followed by a triplet with deadlift, hang power snatch, and overhead squat

Wednesday – Rowing intervals with a partner!; followed by Rope Climb skill progression

Thursday – Quartet with handstand push-ups, front rack lunges, push presses, and running; followed by core finisher

Friday – Power clean 1-rep and hang power clean percentage work; followed by classic girl benchmark Grace (30 clean and jerk for time 135/95)

  • If you’re newer to the olympic lifts, use light weight and focus on developing muscle memory of proper technique and timing. Have a coach check your form!

Saturday – Partner core and cardio WOD; followed by building to a 2-rep deadlift for the day

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