Weekly Preview 6-30-24

Weekly PReview

This week is an intermission week in between strength cycles.  Good old CrossFit with everything you need and nothing you don’t to forge elite fitness. 

Monday – Squat snatch building to a heavy triple touch and go; followed by classic benchmark workout Amanda (squat snatch and ring muscle ups)

Tuesday – Bench Press building to a heavy set of 5; followed by a 16m AMRAP with handstand push-ups, V-ups, and air squats

Wednesday – Rope Climb strength and skill progression; followed by a partner 20 minute conditioning challenge

Thursday – 4th of July one class at 8:30am: Partner WOD with running, deadlifts, push-ups, and box jumps

Friday – day after 4th (7am, 8:30am, and 11am classes only): Power clean complex; followed by 8m AMRAP with walking lunges and burpees 

Saturday – Long partner grinder wod with running, front squats, double-unders, and push jerks

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