Technique Thursday: Kipping Pull-Up

Kipping PU 5

It’s Technique Thursday where we talk about a movement we’re doing tomorrow, WHY we’re doing it, and other fun facts and tips about it!

Movement: Kipping Pull-Up

Description: Start hanging from the pull-up bar. Use momentum from a kipping swing to thrust hips upward and pull your chin above the bar. Descend straight into the next kipping swing to link multiple reps together.

Primary Movement Pattern: 


Physical Skills Developed: 

10 Physical Skills Kipping Pull Up

Tips, Tricks, and Fun Facts: 

The kipping pull-up is a dynamic version of the strict pull-up movement and develops the back, biceps, and grip. The kipping pull-up adds elements of power and coordination on top of the strength required. 

The kipping pull-up is NOT recommended for athletes still developing the strength to do a strict pull-up because it puts additional stress on shoulder joints which are not sufficiently developed yet.  Keep working on your strict pull-ups! 

A good scale for workouts involving kipping pull-ups which retains the elements of power and coordination is the jumping pull-up (which our coaches will demonstrate tomorrow!). 


  • Start on the ground slightly behind the bar 
Kipping PU 1


  • Jump up into a hollow position with a full grip on the bar
Kipping PU 2
  • Open the shoulder and hip joints to swing forward, keeping legs straight and feet close
Kipping PU 3
  • Use the momentum of the backswing to drive hips vertically toward the bar
Kipping PU 4
  • Use back and arms to pull chin above the bar
Kipping PU 5 1
  • Push away from the bar on the way down so you can go straight into the hollow position for the next kip swing
Kipping PU 6

Common faults:

  • Attempting kipping pull-ups (or too much volume) before strict pull-up strength exists to safely support 
  • Relying on leather grip straps instead of developing grip strength and taking care of hands (shaving calluses)
  • Weak grip on the bar (thumbs not wrapped around bar, knuckles not rotated up on top)
  • Knees bent and feet apart during kipping swing – keeping legs straight and feet close gives you more tension and more power
  • Using a bar that’s too low – make sure you can hang from the bar with toes pointed without touching ground

Have one of our coaches check your technique tomorrow!


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