Movement Wednesday – Dumbbell Bench Press

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It’s Movement Wednesday where we talk about a movement we’re doing tomorrow, WHY we’re doing it, and other fun facts and tips about it!

Movement: Dumbbell Bench Press

Description: Lay on your back on a bench, starting with arms fully extended towards the ceiling holding a dumbbell in each hand. Control the dumbbells down to touch the chest, then press back up to full arm extension.

Primary Movement Pattern: 

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Physical Skills Developed: 


Tips, Tricks, and Fun Facts: The dumbbell bench press is a variation of the classic “pushing” lift that adds an additional stability requirement in each arm and shoulder.  It develops strength, power, and balance in the chest and triceps.  


– Start seated with dumbbells resting on thighs

– Slowly roll onto your back keeping the dumbbells close to your chest

– Press the dumbbells up to full extension 

– Keep shoulder blades pinned together at every step

– Slight arch in your back; 3 points of contact with bench/ground are: upper back, glutes, feet


– Slowly control the dumbbells down to touch one head of each dumbbell to the chest

– Press back up to full extension

– To bring weights safely back to the ground, bring thighs up to dumbbells for balance and control as you rock forward up to seated position.  Do NOT drop dumbbells to either side while laying down – this has a high risk of shoulder injury. 

Common faults:

– Elbows out wide at 90 degrees instead of around 45 degrees

image 3

– Extending shoulders upward at the top instead of keeping shoulder blades pinned together

image 4
image 5

Have one of our coaches check your technique tomorrow!


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