Movement Wednesday – Double Unders

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It’s Movement Tuesday where we talk about a movement we’re doing tomorrow, WHY we’re doing it, and other fun facts and tips about it!

Movement: Double Under

Description: Jump and pass the jump rope under the feet twice per jump.

Primary Movement Pattern: 

image 1

Physical Skills Developed: 


Tips, Tricks, and Fun Facts: Double-unders are a staple that develops 7 out of the 10 physical skills. “Dubs” will hit your body’s energy systems while also developing all 4 neurological adaptations, not to mention developing your feet, calves, quads, core, forearms, and shoulders. And you can do them with minimal equipment and space. 


  • Jump rope length: handles should be about armpit height when standing on the rope
  • Keep shoulders and arms relaxed with elbows close to body
  • Keep hands roughly in line with your hips


  • Jump and flick wrists quickly to pass the rope under the feet twice
  • After two quick flicks, control the rope speed with your wrists to time the next jump

Common faults:

  • Holding hands forward in front of the body instead of inline with hips
  • Making large arm circles instead of flicking wrist for speed
  • Jumping too early, late, or not high enough
  • Not slowing the rope speed down after the second flick to time the next jump


  • High singles. Use slower, higher jumps with a single rope pass each jump to build strength and stamina to support future double unders. Timing: make sure rope is brushing the ground as your body is at the peak of the jump.
  • Single-Single-Double-Single-Single-Double.  Use the same high singles jump rhythm for every jump. Every third jump, flick wrists quickly for a double-under and continue immediately back into high singles for the next two jumps. Master the ability to go from a double-under into a high single by slowing the rope speed back down. 

Have one of our coaches check your technique tomorrow!


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