Sunday Preview – 6/9/24

Cindy handstand

Sunday Preview 6/2/24

Welcome to week 2 of our front squat and strict press strength cycle!

Monday – Skill Work: build to high box jump for the day; followed by 15-25m hero workout “Kelly” with rowing, box jumps, deadlifts, and wall balls. 

Tuesday –  Strength cycle: Front Squat; followed by triplet with knees-to-elbows, hand release push-ups, and russian KB swings.

Wednesday – Skill & Strength: Rope Climb progressions; followed by couplet of running and DB box step overs.

Thursday – Strength: Hang Squat Cleans; followed by couplet with hang squat cleans and handstand push-ups.

Friday – Strength Cycle: Strict Press; followed by triplet with sumo deadlift high pull, plank hold, and burpees over the barbell

Saturday – Partner 35m AMRAP with dubs, goblet squat, pull-ups, and ascending weight power snatches to finish off the week!

Coaching moment of the week: grit

When you fail… keep going

When you’re embarrassed… keep going

When you’re humiliated… keep going

When you had a setback for the 10th time… keep going

Our coaches are here to put you on the right track with a training and nutrition plan. All you have to do is Keep. Going.


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