Sunday Preview 6/23/24

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Sunday Preview 6/23/24

Welcome to week 4/4 of our front squat and strict press strength cycle!  For experienced athletes, we’re building to a 1-rep heavy for the day, and for newer athletes we’re using that time to get in extra sets/reps while focusing on technique and building to a moderate weight

Monday – Longer couplet of running and double unders; followed by a core finisher. 

Tuesday – Strength cycle: Strict Press building to 1-rep heavy; followed by couplet intervals with pull-up variations and med ball cleans.

Wednesday – Pistol Squat strength/skill progression; followed by barbell cycling EMOM

Thursday – Strength cycle: Front Squat building to 1-rep heavy; followed by partner air bike intervals

Friday – Triplet with deadlift, push press, and handstand push-ups; followed by grunt work circuit 

Saturday – Long partner hero WOD with running, toes-to-bar, burpee box jumps, and goblet squats

Coaching Moment of the Week: Couplets

Couplets, where we go back and forth between two movements, are a big focus in CrossFit because they expose an interference point between the two movements.  Because CrossFit is constantly varied, the couplet is always a new time domain, rep domain, weight domain, or combination of movements.  Each time is a chance to expose and improve on a new weakness.  Regardless of the level or scale you choose, push to expose the interference point in your body between the two movements and work at that threshold to improve your fitness!

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