Sunday Preview 6-16-24

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Sunday Preview 6/16/24

Welcome to week 3 of 4 in our Front Squat and Strict Press strength cycle.  The number of reps per set is decreasing slightly and the weight will increase slightly.  Take your time and focus on good technique and bracing the core before each rep.

Monday – 18 minute EMOM with power cleans, air bike, and rounds of Cindy; followed by handstand progression skill/strength work.

Tuesday – Strength cycle week 3: front squats; followed by triplet with devils press, V-ups, and goblet squats.

Wednesday – Strength cycle week 3: strict press; followed by couplet with box jumps and running.

Thursday – Skill/Strength work with the turkish getup; followed by a 2-part WOD with toes to bar and double KB overhead walking lunges in part 1 and rowing and double-KB hang squat clusters in part 2.  

Friday – Deadlifts heavy triple for the day; followed by intervals with deadlifts and wall-balls.

Saturday – Steve Dones memorial WOD.  Steve is a former member who passed away in 2021. We’ll honor his memory with a partner workout including rowing, curtis-p’s, burpees, and air bike.

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