Sunday Preview 5/12/24


Monday – Two more Murph Prep Mondays left!  Coming up at the end of this month for Memorial Day we have a CrossFit Community event honoring Navy Seal Lt. Murphy, who was killed in action in 2005, with a grueling workout that he named “Body Armor” which we now call “Murph”. 

  • We’re building volume on pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats
  • Very Important: If you’re new to Murph, talk to your coach and use these Mondays to plan out the right scale for you!

Tuesday – Handstand skill progression work; followed by an endurance couplet of bike and burpees.

Wednesday – Moderate rowing buy-in followed by building to a heavy 1-rep Clean & Jerk; optional leg finisher

  • Utilize squat clean and split jerk if mobility and technique allow. Otherwise power clean and push jerk.
  • Use at least 2 minutes rest for final weight jumps. Pick a target weight and work backwards in 5% increments for your last 3-4 jumps.
  • Don’t repeat a successful lift – jump up to the next weight or call it a day!

Thursday – Weightlifting couplet of DB bench and DB rows; Core finisher

Friday – Moderate running buy-in followed by building to a heavy 1-rep Snatch; optional glute and shoulder finisher

Saturday – One 7:00am class with a mystery partner WOD; followed by the first Reverb Hooverball tournament!

  • Hooverball was invented by President Hoover’s physician to keep him in shape while having fun – it involves throwing a med ball back and forth over a volleyball net in teams. We will use a 6-8 lb med ball and if you have trouble getting over the net you can catch and pass to a teammate. Anyone can participate!
  • Sign up and participate to be entered into a prize raffle! Winning team will get a prize banner!

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