Meal Prep Hacking with “Just Meats”

Code CFReverb

One of the hardest parts about eating healthy is fitting the planning and preparation into your busy life!

We’re here to help with nutrition coaching in addition to strategic partnerships with products that make it more convenient to consistently fuel your body with high quality food for performance in the gym, energy throughout the day, and reducing chronic sickness in the long term.

One of those products is Just Meats. It’s pre-cooked high quality meats that show up at your door on dry ice in 1lb packets ready to open, heat, and eat. (And they’re also delicious).

I can get home, throw half of the re-sealable packet into a pan to start heating while I grab a couple veggie/nuts/seeds/fruits/dairy items from the Reverb Grocery Guide and 5 minutes later I’m eating a hot, delicious, and healthy meal that supports my goals in the gym as well as my long term health goals.

For a limited time, you can email me to receive a complementary sample box from Just Meats that you can pick up right in the gym!

On top of that, use Code: CFReverb for a discount when ordering online!

Meats are a key part of a high protein, nutritious whole foods diet, and it has never been easier or more delicious than with Just Meats.


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