Member Spotlight: (Uncle) Stan!

Uncle Stan

At 80 years old, “Uncle” Stan wanted to improve his mobility and capacity for everyday tasks, so he started doing CrossFit.  He trains 3 days per week at CrossFit Reverb using modified and scaled movements during the workout.  

After 3 months, Stan feels himself getting stronger and he’s able to pick things up off the floor better.  He also put on his own socks and shoes, which was previously out of reach for him.  And every day he leaves the gym, he’s happy he came!

Let’s hear what he had to say:

“What were you doing for fitness before joining Reverb?”

Practically nothing; I’ve had a bunch of surgeries so I’ve been relatively sedentary the last 6-7 years.  I was very active as a young person growing up.

My big thing is my wife is very physically fit, and I saw myself kind of dwindling and I thought, hell I’m 80 years old I might as well try something.  So I’ve been here at CrossFit Reverb for 3 months – I absolutely love it. I don’t love it at 6 in the morning when I get up, but that’s OK.  When I’m done, I’m very happy I came and I’ll continue it as long as I can.  

I would recommend it to anyone. I’m 80 years old and if I can benefit from this, anyone can.  I have a bunch of limitations and I’m still doing pretty well.

“What changes have you seen since joining Reverb?”

The changes I’ve made have been innumerable. I can reach the floor better, I can put my shoes on – which makes no sense if you don’t know my limitations and surgeries.  Basically from the waist down, I’m all new [joint replacements].  I can bend and I’m much more agile than I was. I’m stronger.  And I think if I keep at this, I will continually get stronger.

“What would you tell someone interested but scared to get started?”

Well if you’re afraid to get into these things because you think you’re too old or too weak or too whatever, come down here and spend an hour with any of the instructors, and I guarantee you will do better at whatever it is you’re doing. It’s awesome.


Movement is medicine, no matter where you’re starting from.  And the best time to start taking your medicine is… today!  


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