What Will My First Workout at Reverb Be Like?

Judy overhead 1

We start new CrossFitters with our On Ramp program of 1-on-1 coaching to learn the fundamental movements with proper technique and build mental and physical confidence before ever stepping foot in a group class.  We build the coaching relationship with you early and get to know how YOU move and any specific modifications you might need in the future. 

Briefing: 5m

Your first On Ramp session will start with the coach outlining the plan for the day, WHY we’re doing those particular exercises, and answering any questions you may have!

Warm-Up: 10m

Next, you’ll get moving with some light cardio and a handful of easy movements that prep the body for the particular exercises of the day.  We want to warm up the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons and get the heart pumping a little bit. 

Skill & Strength: 20m 

After a quick water break, you’ll focus on a couple fundamental movements that you’ll see again and again in CrossFit: the air squat and the push press.  The focus is on learning proper technique and getting in some reps to build muscle memory at a level that’s comfortable for YOU.

Metcon: 15m

After another quick water break, you’ll prepare for the “metcon” (metabolic conditioning) aka “wod” (workout of the day).  It’s a sub-10 minute effort of mostly body weight movements that we’ll scale to your level.  Your goal is to pace yourself in the first 3 minutes and then build up to a moderate intensity if you’re feeling good.  It’s your first day so you don’t have to worry about going all-out; we’re waking up your body and preparing it for what’s ahead. One step at a time!

Cooldown: 5m

Lastly, we’ll celebrate the highlights and the challenges already overcome and finish off with a few stretches to improve flexibility.  

Drink plenty of water and look forward to your next session in 1-3 days from now.

Book an intro meeting on our website linked below, or FW this to someone you know who’s worried about how to get started in the gym!



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